уторак, 04. септембар 2018.

Fashionme fashion me

Do you know Fashionme ?

Fashionme is a site for women and has a beautiful wardrobe.
You can find everything here dresses,tops,shoes,beachwear,bottoms, accessories,outerwear.
Summer is over and the time is for us to equip ourselves for the next season.

That's whay I am presenting you today

womens fashion sweaters

This beautiful sweater you can find in two color apricot and pink.
Both are beautiful to me,I want them. :)

They seem comfortable and warmly,and the exposed shoulder provokes.

I want this dress for a long time, but I never get it.
I'll have to because her season is coming.
This combination looks great, but if you're not sure you see yourself in those boots no problem, you can find many models on the site and surely at least one will be in your taste.

So let's look at the boots.

womens boots on sale online

A beautiful autumn model that you can wear during festive summer days.
Imitation antelope keeps animals, and still looks nice.

Now I see that I set up the products all the same colors, it was by chance, lol. :D

Models worn in the late 1990s and early 2000s are again modern, fashion returns, especially fashion from the above-mentioned period.

It is interesting that only the picture will be enough to bring me back to that time, although then the boots were without zircon and false fur, but the model is the same (but I'm no longer a kid).

Before the nostalgia overcomes me to tell you that these boots have great benefits-when the rain is at your height and your feet will not be wet.
You can also cross the water (if you want, or you need to).
In the snow you will not be cold on your feet, because your platform divides you from cold snow.
There are many positive things here, but again if your model does not fit, click on the link and find your favorite model.

Do you like the models I have chosen for you?

Would you choose something for yourself?
Maybe it tastes like it, maybe it does not, but on the site you will find a great offer and definitely something in your taste.

Tell me what you have chosen.


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